Check for empty Uint8Array (i.e: Y.diffUpdate)

When loading documents we are saving any updates. This happens every time a user joins a document regardless of them making any document changes. See below:

// Load persisted document
const persistedYdoc = await ldb.getYDoc(docName);
const persistedStateVector = Y.encodeStateVector(persistedYdoc);

// Store any new updates
const latestUpdate = Y.encodeStateAsUpdate(ydoc);
const newUpdates = Y.diffUpdate(latestUpdate, persistedStateVector);
ldb.storeUpdate(docName, newUpdates);

Is there an easy way to check if the newUpdates Uint8Array contains content updates?

Without this we are filling our DB with useless updates that look like this:

value: Binary('AAA=', 0)
value: Binary('AAHn6L3BAgERAQ==', 0)

I have noticed that empty updates have a byteLength of 10.

Is it reliable to use this as the conditional?

if (newUpdates.byteLength > 10) {
    ldb.storeUpdate(docName, newUpdates);

Okay, unsurprisingly - that idea doesn’t work at all.