Creating a document from file (initial document state)

Hi, I have been working on a collaborative code editor with multiple files. I want to be able to start the server and create a document for each file in the project, and populate each document with its files contents.

Basically, is there a way to create a document on the server, and set its content to an initial value? If not is there any other way to load the data into a document other than the client creating a new document and updating it? From what I see, you can only start from scratch with a blank document

Thank you in advance! And I just want to say that yjs is insanely awesome, and I really hope I can get it working for my use case.

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Are you using the y-websocket server? I have a little experience with that and might be able to help if so.

Yes, I am using y-websocket and tired to have it add the value on creation in y-we socket, but couldn’t get it to encode the string, I insert, and apply update.

That sounds like what I would have done. Is there a gist or code snippet you can share of what you did?

@canadaduane - inside of y-websocket inside setupWSConnection, i modified this block:

 const doc = map.setIfUndefined(docs, docName, () => {
    const doc = new WSSharedDoc(docName)
    doc.gc = gc
    if (persistence !== null) {
      persistence.bindState(docName, doc)
    docs.set(docName, doc)
    const content = 'testing123';
    const ytext = new Y.Text();
    ytext.insert(0, content);
    const state = Y.encodeStateAsUpdate(ytext.doc);
    Y.applyUpdate(doc, state);
    return doc

but i’ve tried different variations, and when I start the server it looks good, but now when i get the document from the client the sever errors out:

running on port 1234
  writeClientsStructs(encoder,, targetStateVector);

TypeError: Cannot read property 'store' of null
    at writeStateAsUpdate (/Users/tcubbedge/my-y-websockets-server/node_modules/yjs/dist/yjs.cjs:797:36)
const ytext = new Y.Text();
ytext.insert(0, content);

The ytext type is never attached to the document.

Try this:

const ytext = doc.getText('my-text-type')
ytext.insert(0, content);

And then get the same text type on the client-side. Please also carefully read the Yjs documentation and play with the demos. This might help you to understand how the shared types work.

It doesn’t work like that. You need to create a Yjs document first, and then define a type on the document.

A question: how to initialization when persistence is empty

If it is the first time a document is opened, you can have a central server initializing the state. This may only happen once for each document. After that, you should persist the Yjs document somewhere to retain history.

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