I wanna create a collaboration app which uses input element

I’m creating a collaboration React web app. It uses input elements and the values should be synced with other users’.

In this situation, how can I implement the app? Should I use a binding for input? If so, where is a binding for input element? I can’t find :frowning:

If there is an example for like this, It would be very helpful!

Thank you.

There are bindings for Quill and Prosemirror

Generally these use content-editable - But you can keep the markup simple and make it look how you like.

I would start with one of those…

There is a demo with collaboration through YJS here: https://github.com/yjs/yjs-demos/tree/main/prosemirror


First of all, Thank you for replying.

I know there are bindings for Text editors but it is so heavy for me.
I just want a binding for input element. That’s it.

Hi @ygnoh There is no binding for simple input elements (yet). You should be able to implement your own though.

Hi @dmonad. Thank you for the reply!