Prosemirror First typing in paragraph IME bug

binding: y-prosemirror

When typing in a paragraph block while using an IME Chinese input method, it ends up in the first character.

It seems like that as long as the two user cursor are at the same position, this would happen.

I doubted it is caused by my ‘placeholder’ plugin, but I found some other same situation without placeholder widget.

I can give a gif screen shot later…

As you can see, I got a crash flash when I typing the first character… but if there are contents inside a paragraph block, my input method just work as expected…

What’s the problem?

Also, if the paragraph is empty, first typing would cause this bug… but it didn’t occur everytime…

kinda weird

Hi @ShenQingchuan,

does this also occur without Yjs? I.e. can you add a ProseMirror widget to the last position of the document and reproduce the issue? y-prosemirror only interacts with ProseMirror through the ProseMirror API. The y-prosemirror cursor plugin simply adds a widget to the ProseMirror editor.