[Starter Question] Clients sync status to server

Hi, all,

I am trying to make a very simple demo. The enviroment from my side is:

  1. Mac OS runs y-websocket’s sample server (server.js under bin folder) and also a client (called initiator).
  2. Windows VM runs another client (called collaborator).

The code for both clients is

let yjsDoc = new Y.Doc();
let yjsArray = yjsDoc.getArray("array");
if (role == "initiator") {
	let status = await connectToServer(yjsDoc, 'ipaddr', 1234, 'demo');
	await processInitiatorTasks(yjsArray);
} else {
	let status = await connectToServer(yjsDoc, 'ipaddr', 1234, 'demo');
	await processCollaboratorTasks(yjsArray);

inside processInitiatorTasks function, initiator tries to add several integers to the array,


and in processCollaboratorTasks function, collaborator tries to get the numbers from the array


However, the collaborator was unable to read those update from the initiator.

My question is: after the initiator pushed new number to the array, how can it notify the server to make update on the server?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, Alex.

I think the three peers (two clients and one server) in the scenario you described need to share at least the same document, that is, have the same guid.

const doc = new Y.Doc({guid: ‘the id of doc’});
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Hi, @jarone, thanks for your quick reply. The problem is: when I define the array/text using ydoc, I haven’t connected to the server…

In this way, it will not read through the server anyway.

Thanks anyway for your help!

The client will always do a sync with the server when it connects. So elements that you have inserted before will be synced. Maybe you can start with some of the base templates that have a working setup before building your own connection logic.

A Collaborative Editor - Yjs Docs - contains a very basic example at the bottom.

Sure, will look at it.