ydoc.getText() for tiptap documents

Hi! I’m having trouble grabbing the text from my tiptap docs.

When I was using quill I would just do:

Currently I’m trying:
doc.getText('tiptap').toString() and it’s coming up empty, is there another string I should be using?

I know I can use the tiptap editor instance via editor.getText(), but in the file I’m working in, I only have access to the ydoc, and it would be a huge hassle to have to pass around the editor just for this use case.


I think I was misunderstanding how .getText worked, looked through our old code and we were doing setQuillBind(new QuillBinding(ydoc.getText('quill'), quill, provider.awareness)); which I think enabled us to read from that reference later.

I don’t see an equivalent binding happening with Tiptap, so I’m not sure how I can reference it in getText()