YJSON - Solving half the problem of Yjs-backed state management

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Hi @joebobmiles!

Nice project! I’m working on a similar library as well, with support for reactivity and nested data types. I figured it might be helpful for you as well; https://github.com/yousefED/reactive-crdt (feedback also welcome as it’s still early stage)


Thanks for the link @YousefED! Unfortunately, YJSON didn’t go three days before I abandoned it due to technical constraints I wasn’t interested in spending the time on overcoming. Instead, I’ve moved on to making a middleware for Zustand that uses the same techniques, but applies them to a Zustand store.

I might return to working on YJSON at a later time as a side project, as the few days of working on something else have given me new ideas. But, due to time pressure for a product I’m working on, the Zustand middleware is going to be my primary focus.

Funnily enough, when I posted about my middleware on the Zustand discussions on GitHub, Daishi from the Poimandres group referred me to your project for reference and inspiration.

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