Awareness Implementation in Custom Context

Hey :slight_smile:
After getting collaborative text edititng with yjs and prosemirror to work, I do not get shared cursors working. I am not sure what to put in the encodeAwarenessUpdate, I am not sure how to trat the origin field in the on update callback…
I got things kind of working but then going crazy in some kind of endless loop because I messed up the origin or wht not :frowning:

Somehing like a diagram or step by step instructions would probably not only help me.

Thanks in advance Cem :slight_smile:

Hi Cem,

have you looked at the demo? yjs-demos/prosemirror at main · yjs/yjs-demos · GitHub

Or are you trying to build your own provider?

In the end you could call it an own provider.
The context is an Angular App with the ngx-editor (Prosemirror) and a node.js backend with PostgreSQL as DBMS.