Caucus | A real time collaborative Editor

Hey Everyone I am Rishabh, a third-year undergraduate student studying computer science, I made Caucus as a hobby project which uses react node and Yjs.
Caucus helps students practice coding interview questions together. It has a list of questions scraped from Leetcode which could be sorted based on company name and tags, and it uses yjs, y-webrtc for real-time conflict resolution.

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Thank to all the maintainers of yjs for creating such a wonderful library, which makes it so easy to incorporate real-time communication.



Awesome, Rishabh. Thanks for sharing!

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Hey @Rishabh-malhotra,

This is a really cool use-case for Yjs, and this implementation looks amazing :eyes:

Iā€™m happy for you that it receives so much recognition on GitHub. Thanks so much for sharing!

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