Celebrating Yjs + Facilta.Social on P2P

The project stop the development but i want thanks for all people contribute to Yjs (and ofc @dmonad) and make that framework amazing!!

The https://facilita.social/ its app game to facilitators use card games in call with groups.

Site its Portuguese but its possible to test creating free acount

The app its here https://app2.facilita.social/

Yjs allow it be trully P2P and let the server be very small.

Sorry for my bad english. I cannot express to big gratitude.

And looking forward to use Yjs in Rust to some another amazing project. <3


Hi @kamikazebr,

thank you so much for sharing! Iā€™m happy that you build something awesome with Yjs :slight_smile:

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I want bring some GIF (yay!) to that post, that its about version of month July 2021, new version have improvements some things.

But just we get some picture what yjs be able to do.

small-MF-Peek 2021-07-04 19-38

PS: Idk edit the first post. (dont seems be possible)

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Looks fun! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: