Codemirror hints

Is there a way to avoid triggering codemirror hints (autocomplete suggestions) when using yjs with codemirror? I assume the current behavior (triggering the suggestion interface in all connected editors) is a bug, but thought I’d double check before filing an issue on github.

And thanks for this library! It’s fantastic.

Hey @charlieroberts,

y-codemirror simply syncs the editor content and optionally renders remote cursors. You can configure codemirror to turn off autocompletions :wink:

yeah, that’s what I’ve done (turned off autocompletions). It’d be great to have them on for local changes to the document and off for remote changes, but I hear you when you say that’s outside the scope of y-codemirror. Thanks!

Wait, so you get autocomplete for remote changes? Could you explain this in more detail? Maybe with a gif / video ?