Cursor jumping to next line


I was evaluating yjs with quill and deployed the demo app locally. One issue I found is that cursor jumps to next line whenever some user is typing something.


Is it for all or I am doing something wrong?


Hi @farazshuja,

that’s right. But that’s a problem with the quill-cursors package. Maybe you could create a PR in their repository?

Let’s discuss he issue here if possible.

Ah right,

I checked the example from reedsys/quill-cursors and it was behaving the same. Looks like its not production ready :frowning:

I checked wave + quill combination and found its working fine (

I was evaluating the available options to make quill editor ready for multiple users for the application


Unfortunately, the quill-cursors package is not maintained anymore.

I offer quick support and fixing these kinds of smaller bugs for my sponsors that select a “support contract”.

Alternatively, you could start by opening a ticket in their package.