Demo of multiplayer database design tool powered by yjs

I joined a mfaang by the time I got done with this … so wasn’t able to launch it … if you’d like to reach out, I am kapv89 on twitter


Hey Kalip, I’m curious about the architecture you followed for storing the state in react. did you use something like syncedstore or just built your own, and also saw your yjs-scalable-ws-backend repo and underneath are you using the same?

If possible do you mind sharing the code base or some part of the code base around how you managed the state in react and how you are storing the versions etc…?

By the way the app looks really cool.

Hey … you can checkout this branch the repo - GitHub - kapv89/yjs-scalable-ws-backend at external_api_persistence … It has information about auth, using api for persistence, and document access.

As for frontend, for powering the canvas based parts, I had to build a custom (almost game-like) engine. the DOM parts are powered by react. in the places where dom and canvas interact, I am using a custom, very basic forceRender to power the interactions. All multiplayer state is being stored in the yjs doc, UI state stored in react

very nice! I really like this project. I am working on something that uses codemirror 6