Different versions of Yjs

After installing the yjsy-protocolsy-websocket, I get the stderr:

Yjs was already imported. Importing different versions of Yjs often leads to issues.

Does anyone know how to resolve it?

You imported two different versions of Yjs. The error is definitely on your side. Make sure that there is only one version of Yjs installed on your end.

Also, if you want better feedback, it would be good to post more information (e.g. package manager you are using, bundler, etc…).

Hi, dmonad.

Thank you for your advice.

I’ve found that it is indeed a problem in my environment, and although I haven’t determined the final cause yet, I have confirmed that it is a conflict between the local installation of YJS and @tiptap/extension-collaboration that is causing the above multi-version warning.

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I also have the same warning message after installing

yarn add @slate-yjs/core 
yarn add yjs

Did you find any solutions or at least how to debug this further @jarone

Maybe @BitPhinix can chime in specific for @slate-yjs/core?