Gitter is dead?-- proposal: Move to Discord

Discord, strangely enough is the only chat app that doesn’t annoy me when i keep it open. Not sure if others feel the same(?) That said, it seems Gitter has been acquired?

Does this mean channels must relocate?
If so, I would love to have Yjs on Discord… :grin:
and if not, I still would, hehe.

P.S. was reading this and had an “Aha!” moment–

Note that there are two different categories of CRDTs: state-based and op-based . Both serve the same purpose, but work in different ways and come with their own design trade-offs. In this series, I’m mostly going to focus on state-based CRDTs.
Lars Hupel An introduction to Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types

Logux makes so much more sense now. :wink:

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Hi Meat Flavored Dev,

There have been several changes to gitter. One of them is that it now runs on Matrix.

So you can now see Gitter channels directly in the Matrix client.

The only problem of Matrix/Gitter is that nobody seems to use it although IMHO it is the superior product. If we can attract more regular users with a more popular solution, I would be happy to switch.

I propose that users can propose chat alternatives. As soon as there is a clear winner, we can switch the chat solution.

Use Gitter/Matrix

Download the Element client for your OS / Mobile device if you want to use an App:

Btw, Yjs can run on Matrix :wink:

(:heart: This post if you want to continue using Gitter/Element)


Haha, I clearly only half-read the title :grin: Ahh, the age of information, indeed.
What is it specifically about Gitter that you prefer? Sub-threading is a nice organizational strategy… I have noticed that the larger communities (from my subjective POV) appear to be preferring Discord.

I think I just like standardization :sweat_smile: …and loathe Slack. :imp:

I like that it is simple, nerdy, and based on an open communication standard (Matrix).

Btw, you could switch to Matrix/element and then just include Discord channels using bridges :wink:

If we would switch to Slack, I would definitely need to buy more ram for my computer. But I’m open to it.

Hmm, I was looking for a way to combine Slack/Discord/Gitter in a way that wasn’t unholy and offensive… I’ll look into it.

I wish I could find some statistics on community engagement for software projects in Discord vs Gitter (…vs Slack, w/e :roll_eyes:). I have a hunch, and this is I think why I brought it up, that Discord may be a better platform for community engagement(?) Anything anyone can find on the topic would be most interesting.

I think you have a diamond here and I think there’s a huge opportunity for the Yjs community to grow. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’d also love to see things move over to a discord server, for what it’s worth.

The TipTap guys are also on Discord. It really seems that most OSS projects now communicate on Discord.

So let’s try this out. I hear that @meatflavourdev wants to help setting up the channels? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Are there other people interested in moderating?

I created a Discord Server:

Let’s try this out and see how it goes.


Oh, I think Discord is a great tool for OSS communities.

I wanted to follow the invite, but it seems to be expired. You need to check the “forever” (or what it’s called) checkbox when creating the invite.

Thanks, I created a new link:

I realize that a lot of different projects use discord. However, most people interested in “decentralized” stuff are available on matrix. There is something nice about using an open decentralized chat solution like Matrix for Yjs-related projects. Matrix also has different chat clients ( that are serious competitors to slack & discord. Not sure how much others care about the chat being “open” and extensible.

This is a link to a Matrix Y community that I created yesterday. We can add more channels to the community and even define shared widgets (e.g. etherpad, shared calendars for community events, etc…). I added a bot that tracks changes on the Yjs related repositories.

Let me know what you think about the matrix stuff. I’m generally also open to discord when a lot of people find it more engaging.

I’m really on the fence here-- how does one choose between a clearly superior platform and the dominate platform in the market? From a community building standpoint-- I guess I lean towards the popular player since it has a greater potential to grow one’s community(???)

I see the issue quite clearly.
Someone needs to build a solution that scrapes Gitter/Discord/Slack-- user data is merged as much as possible and unified in a superior platform to rule them all. One platform to find their APIs. One platform to bring them all, and in the dark mode, bind them with a merge op. Sauron would be proud :sunglasses: (??)

Puppeting : solves the problems of Bot-based bridging by “puppeting”, meaning controlling, a user on the other side of the bridge. This means that to native users, they see messages as being sent from the correct sender. Double-puppeting means this is done in both directions of the bridge. This is the most preferred way of implementing a Matrix bridge.


Does this mean we could mirror the Gitter and Discord community(?) I’m a little unclear regarding the use cases, intended use, and implications of matrix/element…

Could we use something like

Or mattermost? <-- Appears to be $$

Seems like it can be self-hosted if I’m not mistaken

:man_shrugging: Interesting, thoughts?

Gitter might be “dead” compared to Discord, but at least I could find it by googling!

Discord is a closed eco-system, and realtime in nature. That makes it anti-search and anti-open, unfortunately…

Sounds like a search engine optimization issue… perhaps something can be done about that. hmm

Discord bot that indexes chats on a static page with direct links? Sounds like a project idea :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

matrix-appservice-discord works well in my experience. If you don’t want to bother to host it yourself, - Discord Bridge hosts an instance that is usually good enough (and you can see the instructions to set it up on that page).

Discord people show up on Matrix pretty native-looking, and Matrix(/Gitter) people show up on Discord as they would do natively except for a little ‘BOT’ label next to their name, but it’s passable.

If you have questions, happy to advise where I can…

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