How to bind y-websocket to exists http server?

this is how i bind ws to meteor.js webapp server, is there a way to do samething with yjs?

import { WebSocketServer } from 'ws'

const wss1 = new WebSocketServer({ noServer: true })

WebApp.httpServer.on('upgrade', function upgrade(request, socket, head) {
  if (request.url === '/hello') {
    wss1.handleUpgrade(request, socket, head, function (ws) {
      wss1.emit('connection', ws, request)

wss1.on('connection', function connection (ws) {
  ws.on('error', console.error)

  ws.on('message', function message(data) {
    console.log('received: %s', data)


You can do a custom binding of your y-websocket server similar to the built-in server.

The important part is calling setupWSConnection: