How to integrate with spreadsheet library?

I would like to enable real time document editing feature with my multiple team members in my application and I am using phpspreadsheet library

Or any other js library that support spreadsheet is also fine.
Can you guide me how we can do it, Is there any step by step process.

Hi @webmarts2019,

Making a particular thing collaborative requires a lot of knowledge about the internals of the thing you want to make collaborative. Yjs provides ready-to-use data bindings for many editors. Creating a new data binding requires a lot of work and testing. Unfortunately, it is not that simple.

If you want to do it anyway, you should think about how you can model the libraries internal data representation as Yjs data types. Then you update the Yjs types when the spreadsheet updates. And you update the spreadsheet when the Yjs type updates. This is why I call this a data binding.

Phpspreadsheet seems to be quite unsuited for Yjs because most of the logic is written in PHP, not JavaScript.