I made a demo of collaborative editor with persistence in lexicaljs. Please give me feedback

I really want feedback. If there are any improvement, ask me please. Such as security perspective or stability

I made the demo of Collaborative Editor with Yjs, WebSocket, lexical, and Redis
Hey everyone I’ve been working on that showcases the power of real-time collaborative editing using Yjs, WebSocket, Redis, and Lexical.
Key Features:
Offline First: Robust offline capabilities ensure a seamless user experience, even without an active internet connection.
Redis Persistence: Implements Redis for reliable and efficient data storage, offering both speed and persistence for your editing needs.
Check it out here: Collaborative Lexical Editor Demo

I’d love to get your feedback, thoughts, or any contributions to the project.



Nice work! I don’t have specific feedback, but it looks like a great demonstration of these different technologies working together.

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Thank you for reply!!
Yeah, it is hard to collect information but finally that really worked.
Yjs is so good.