Implementing YProvider in Rust (yrs)

Hi! I’m new in Rust. I made some implementations of yjs with React, get used to use providers and understand of updates stuffs.

Now i want make some integration of yrs to another project and i tested out of ymap and it work great!

Buuut, i need some provider network like the y-websocket but to rust.

I see in the code y-crdt/ at b75df02d48a986a8d674083aa70087dacab8ea0f · yjs/y-crdt · GitHub

There have some YProvider struct and say i can easly implement it, but get lost, beucase in the example i dont see _provider var be used and update methods to sync.

I saw too have some TestConnector (y-crdt/ at 8542bcbbadf2822b34be2ad6bcc70acec634791f · yjs/y-crdt · GitHub), test simulating creating peers and sync steps.

But i dont figure out how use on_update inside another scope and ready to work with async too.

I should use Arc? Or its is single thread using just async IO like tokio?