Is it possible to monitor changes in children that have different YDocs?

So, I have a database API, that can hold other API’s such as GlobalMap, GlobalArray and etc as values. The problem is that if I save those API’s as values in the database, they would have different YDoc from the databases one. Is it possible to transact/subscribe to changes in the children from the database API?

// database API, transact method
// db is an object holding methods, doc is the YDoc
  db.transact = f => {
    doc.transact(() => {
  const db = await createDatabase('db');
  const accounts = await createGlobalMap('accounts');

  accounts.set('Akhat', 100);
  accounts.set('John', 200);
  db.set('accounts', accounts); 
  db.transact(() => { //doesn't trigger observe method, since change is in the GlobalMap not in the Database
    db.get('accounts').set('Akhat', 50);
    db.get('accounts').set('John', 250);

Can you please elaborate? I’m not sure what you want to achieve…