Is need to send ping pong message when using y-websocket

I am using y-websocket(newest version) as the server side, from the y-websocket souce code, I found the ping pong code, is there need to send pong message from the client side? I have tried to listen the ping message in client side but did not get the ping message from server side, this is the client code look like:

const wsProvider: WebsocketProvider = new WebsocketProvider(readConfig("wssUrl"), docId, ydoc, {
        maxBackoffTime: 1000000,
        params: {
            access_token: localStorage.getItem(WheelGlobal.ACCESS_TOKEN_NAME) ?? ""
wsProvider.on('ping', (event: MessageEvent) => {
        console.warn("recived ping message");;

what should I do to add the ping pong when using y-websosket?