Just launched erdtool.com .. powered by yjs

erdtool.com is a collaborative multiplayer entity-relationship-diagram tool … currently supports almost full PostgreSQL dialect … feedback would behelpful … powered by GitHub - erdtool/yjs-scalable-ws-backend


  • Realtime multiplayer ERD editor
  • Composite foreign keys and relationships
  • Indexes - All Postgres Index types supported
  • NULL and Check Constraints
  • Highlight columns
  • Build and Highlight relationships
  • Highlight foreign-key-cols
  • Highlight referenced-cols
  • Highlight primary-keys, indexes
  • All postgres column types
  • default/generated values
  • Check constraints
  • Postgres custom types (enums, custom-ranges, domains, composite-types)
  • Views
  • Export diagram as SQL
  • Export diagram as PNG
  • Export diagram as Excel
  • Search diagram
  • Links to different diagram components
  • Undo redo
  • Layers to visually group elements together
  • Publically accessible link to diagram
  • Realtime Comments
  • Follow Collaborators!

Congratulations on the launch. I can see that a lot of hard work has gone into building this. I could create an account and playaround a little bit. SSO login would be nice in the future.

Do you ever have to deal with atomically modifying two (or more) Y docs? e.g. when creating/removing relationship between two tables? if yes, did you have to make any changes to the sync protocol?

Hey … I am using a single top level Y.Doc for this … tables and relationships are separate data structures … relationships have auto-pruning enabled on them on diagram change