LegendKeeper: world-building for stories and RPGs

Hey yjs community! I’ve been posting here and there, but realized I hadn’t shown off my baby! This is LegendKeeper, a suite of world-building tools for RPG game-masters. We use Yjs to empower users to build multiplayer knowledgebases and world atlases for their fictional settings.

“Worldbuilding is the process of creating places, objects, characters, culture, and history for a fictional setting.” - DAmato, James. The Ultimate RPG Game Master’s Worldbuilding Guide

If you’ve ever played Dungeons and Dragons or started on a fantasy novel, you know what a challenge building a fictional world is. There are many details to keep track of, and few tools up to the task. I built my own and found many other folks had the same issue!

We recently moved our entire system over to Yjs and we love it. We are running about 2.5 million ydocs in production, and that number is rapidly increasing. Yjs is so performant, we’ve actually saved on hosting costs by switching to it, which is pretty cool. It required a huge paradigm shift in how we thought about our app, but Yjs is very user-empowering: collab + offline is huge.


I know how much time you dedicated to getting everything right. This application probably has the most advanced syncing technology that was ever implemented in any note-taking application.

Thank you so much for sharing! :heart:


This is really cool, thanks for sharing. Are you able to share anything you learned about what you had to do to make the move to yjs?

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Yes, I would love to do a write-up on some of the challenges of building a local-first app with Yjs! I’ve got a crazy week/weekend ahead of me so I’m currently prepping for that, but I’ll put a calendar reminder to come back and chat on it a bit.

I talked about it a bit in a Yjs fireside chat, I think @dmonad probably has a recording of it somewhere, in the meantime.

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I finally got around editing our recording of the LegendKeeper interview. In this recording I interviewed Braden about Legendkeeper and some of the technical challenges: