Matrix-CRDT: Yjs provider that connects to Matrix

Hi all!

Happy to share a new Yjs Provider: Matrix-CRDT.

Matrix ( describes itself as “an open network for secure, decentralized communication” - it’s kind of an open source alternative to Slack / Discord / etc.

The idea of Matrix-CRDT is that instead of sending / storing chat messages in Matrix, we can send Yjs document updates. It started as an experiment, but I actually think it’s a perfect fit, and both projects share similar philosophies (open source, promoting decentralized communication, etc).

The advantage for me, as developer, is that with Matrix-CRDT I don’t have to worry about writing a backend for my Yjs application. Matrix can take care of persisting and transport of Yjs updates, but also of authentication to documents. With some work, more advanced scenarios like federation and End-to-End Encryption are also supported (E2EE is still a bit of work to set up, I hope to make this easier later this year).

For now, I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback!


This is truly a unicorn amongs the existing providers. No setup, scalable backend, authentication included (via Matrix), and eventually also E2EE. Great work!