🧠 Noosphere share and grab ideas all over the world

Just starting a new project noosphere

Pwa /vuejs2 installable on smartphone.
For now you can just connect and share Ymaps as rooms through Qr code

But I will certainly need help with subdocuments.

The goal is to build room as collective brain :brain:, within nodes as neurones rewriting one of my other tool
with it’s tuto 3D mindmap on your Solid pod - Getting started in 4 mins - YouTube and acces https ://scenaristeur.github.io/agent/

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Oh, fun idea! Before I worked on Yjs, I worked on stores for semantic triples. Would be nice to see Yjs being used like that :slight_smile:

In September we are going to continue Y Community meetings. Just a bunch of friendly people exchanging how to best utilize Yjs for different problems. Would love to see you there as well if you are interested. I announce them via twitter: https://twitter.com/kevin_jahns


Thxs for the invitation :slightly_smiling_face:

I got something that seems to work, But sometimes I got a message that websocket server can not be reached. Any idea ?

feedback welcome.

The public signaling servers are hosted in different regions on Heroku. I’ve been experiencing several issues with the Heroku servers over the past months. However, it’s usually not a big problem if one server goes down (there are three replicas).

@dmonad did you see Heroku will stop free dynos ?

Glich.com could be replacement
y-websocket only Glitch :・゚✧

with leveldb Glitch :・゚✧