Not sync demo at

it seems that i’ve got two version of prosemirror/ Quill / Draw at Yjs Shared Editing :
one with Firefox & Firefox dev and another one with Chrome and chromium
Any idea why ?

see video

Hi @Fada,

Thank you for sharing. This demo has been online for 4 years now. So you have to sync the editing history from random strangers drawing and editing the page for 4 years.

I noticed that it often takes quite a long time for browsers to sync. But they will … eventually.

Also, something changed in the WebRTC implementation of the browsers and my library isn’t compatible anymore. So the same browser on different devices will still sync. Different browsers might not.

This has been an extremely interesting experiment. I’ll decommission the page soon though once the new website is ready. Let’s keep it online for a little while longer though.