Prosemirror Atlaskit - Remote Client Cursor Issue

In the Atlaskit demo : Live Demo - Atlaskit,

If there are two clients: A & B and A tries to go to the next line from the end of the line i.e (No characters on the right side in the same line) when having B at the same location as A. The B’s cursor decoration jumps down with A but not the actual cursor of B.

I think the expected would be not to change the cursor or decoration of B if both are at the end of the line.

Any Pointers on where should I look to have some clue of what’s going on?

Hi @aashish-choudhary,

I’m having a troubles updating the atlaskit demo because yarn update leads to incompatible packages. The issue might be fixed when upgrading Yjs and Atlaskit. If not, could you check if you can reproduce the behaviour in the ProseMirror demos? They use the same editor-binding. It might help to narrow down the issue.