Prosemirror table row events in deep observer

There is a good example of Y.XmlElement manipulation to observe events:
The problem comes when I try to use it for Prosemirrror with y-prosemirror binder.

For example adding tableRow in a table in prosemirror editor places new table row not there where I want, but inserts it in other position and then moves text content from one cell to another. So it is impossible to realize where the row has been added. For example I add a row at position 2, but first delta has [{ retain: 6 }, { insert: [XmlElement] }] and then a lot of deltas to compensate table cells shifting, like deletion from one cell, and inserting in another.

Is it a way it works or it is a bug? How can I recognize at which position table row has been added?

That sounds like a bug.

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So where should I report this? In y-prosemirror, yjs or prosemirror-tables?

A reproductive example in y-prosemirror would be good. Although, if the content syncs correctly, I will probably handle this as low priority, as this sounds like a very complicated issue.

Well, the content syncs correctly, but I need to know which row has been added and do other actions on this event. Maybe you can suggest a workaround?