ProseMirror/Yjs (y-webrtc) in a serverless architecture PoC

We want to run Prosemirror/yjs in a serverless architecture.

I took the points from the forum to build a PoC. Sharing this here in the hope that others can benefit from this as well: :slight_smile:

The README describes the questions we aimed to answer with the PoC and the approach that we took.

I’d highly appreciate any feedback on the chosen approach! Does this reflect best practice?

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Thanks for sharing! Very interested in this!

It’s on our list to add this to the tiptap core. On our first (and time intense) attempt, we had problems mapping Y.js positions. Related issue here:

Besides that: I like everything you wrote and it’s similar to what we planned.

Is yjs/webrtc + save snapshots the best approach to implement yjs in serverless setup? Does anybody have experience with alternative patterns?

I’m noticing that annotations aren’t restored on an undo.