Real-time-monaco (NPM Package)

:rocket: New Release: real-time-monaco
NPM - real-time-monaco - npm ! :rocket:
Deployed Link -
Installation - npm install real-time-monaco
Enhance your code editor with real-time collaboration features!

:busts_in_silhouette: Sync changes instantly
:computer_mouse: Share cursors & selections
:wrench: Easy integration with Monaco Editor

What is the difference between y-monaco and your library?

Hi Sir,

My package provides hassle-free connectivity for developers, eliminating the need to set up:

  1. Monaco Editor
  2. User management - simply provide a name, color, and roomId, and it handles everything in the backend.

How to use it:


I do like that this extension makes it easy to setup Monaco in React.

I would prefer if you didn’t hardcode wss:// as the backend. I would prefer if users (especially in production!) setup their own server. I don’t have the resources to maintain this for everyone.