Realtime Time Collaboration Website with Lockout Championship

First of all i want to thank @dmonad all the Yjs team for making such a great framework.

Hi , my name is Athar and i have made a project Code-N-Collab which is a collaborative website where users can discuss their code , practice problems,give competitive coding contest where they also get a real-time code editor which uses Yjs for real-time changes . Website is made with Reactjs , Nodejs , Yjs , Socketio .We have used y-codemirror for text bindings in react-codemirror editor

You can visit our website here

It is an opensource and you can visit our source code here Code-N-Collab Git Repo

give it a star if you liked it or tell us any improvement we might require , you can also ask us any query regarding our project

In future , we would be exploring more in yjs and making some more cool uses of it


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