Regarding Web Transport provider with Yjs

Can a WebTransport provider be made for Yjs? And if yes, what would be the advanage of same in an app as a whole?

Since WebTransport is an improvement on the low-level networking layer (replacing TCP with QUIC), it would probably improve network transitions and maybe network performance. It is possible that you would get multiplexing for free, though I’m not sure if I’m reading that right. If so, that would be a big improvement for applications with many Docs.

Still waiting on Safari support of course.

As per my understanding yjs is fine with out of order packets right? If it’s so yeah one can send all the docs on a single stream. But for in order packets with WT one has to send each doc per stream.

My understanding is that even TCP ensures that requests only succeed if all packets are delivered. I’m not sure how packet order would affect the application layer, apart from maybe some differences in performance or likelihood of requests succeeding.