Run syncmeta framework on local

I am going to run this repository on my local but I am getting this error.
YJS connection timed out. This means syncmeta widgets wont work.
What is wrong and how to fix?

Hehe. Remedies from my past. You are working at the RWTH, aren’t you? It seems to be a syncmeta issue, which was developed by Istvan Koren. Give him my best when you talk to him.

Should I talk with him to solve this issue?

The mentioned error message was not generated by any of my libraries. It was generated by syncmeta itself. You should talk to the current developer of syncmeta. Istvan doesn’t work at ACIS anymore, the current developer is named Ben.

You can also open a ticket in GitHub - rwth-acis/syncmeta: Near real-time collaborative modeling framework or simply talk to your supervisor.

Just some general advice from me: Your above question lacks much-needed context.
When you open a ticket, make sure to give a complete description of 1) who you are 2) what you are trying to do and 3) how to reproduce your issue. I.e. what did you do specifically to get the project up and running. There’s probably some step you missed.