Store Quill documents and track changes

I am currently trying to build a service, where user should be able to write documents with Quill.

Hence, it is necessary for me to be able to store the current state of the documents and to track changes like in Google Docs.

Can you help me how to

  • persist documents in MongoDB and/or S3
  • track the changes like in Google Docs?

I propose that you get familiar with Yjs’ Update API. You simply need to ensure that all updates are propagated to all users and also stored in a database (the order in which they are delivered/stored doesn’t matter).

This really helps. Many thanks for it @dmonad

However, I found it difficult to understand whether we can also set up some “track changes” and also restore a previous version like in Google Docs. Can you help me here?

Hi @dmonad , do you have some input for me regarding the “track changes” function. Also do you know how it is possible to store the documents best?