Svelte and Yjs?

Has anyone started work on a Yjs-backed store for Svelte[1]?

I’m thinking about ways to combine Yjs’ reactivity with Svelte’s simple “subscribe” API for its stores. I’d love to learn from others who’ve tried & failed, or learned anything along the way. I suspect it wouldn’t be too hard, but I could be wrong :slight_smile:

– Duane

[1] For those who don’t know about Svelte, it’s a beautiful way to compile javascript, CSS, and HTML down to reactive javascript. It plays a similar role as React, but IMO it does so in a more elegant way–I find it much easier to start with big pieces and then break them down into smaller ones, and the reactive stores are built in a very practical and minimalist way (so there’s much less to learn than, say, Redux or other glue pieces for React).

I think this would be a very interesting project!

I once built a redux alternative based on Yjs (unpublished). In another project I hooked up Yjs to Angular (Angular v1, it was a horrible experience). Generally, Yjs plays nicely with web frameworks once you created some kind of abstraction around it. It would be awesome to start a generic framework integration!