What are the use cases for the `media` field?

I’ve seen documents have a media field.

Can a user like me use it or is it dedicated to the library internals?

And is the media field shared and / or persisted or is it ephemeral?

I’m not aware of a media field.

The meta field is meant for storing additional information relevant to your data-bindings. It’s simply a Map that is attached to a shared type and is therefore ephemeral. It is useful in some very specific use-cases that are probably not relevant to you.

Indeed I meant meta field, sorry for the typo.

My use case would be to attach some constant data to a document. In my case a “kind” field that indicates what kind of document I am dealing with.

This field needs to be syncable, mergeable, but not updatable. It would be set at document creation and immutable from then.

I can still use a standard shared type and just not touch it, it would work fine.

Thank you for your response (and reading through my typo :stuck_out_tongue:).