What happened to the yjs documentation?

I recently visited the yjs.dev and the website is complete redone. Documentation link now points to github README.md which has now even less details than previous versions. Is there a way to access the original documents?

It looks like you can still access the documentation website here: https://docs.yjs.dev/

Thank you!

@dmonad I don’t know the history behind this decision, but I’m not too thrilled by the look of the new website and particularly the documentation at https://github.com/yjs/yjs/blob/master/README.md. Several key areas (e.g. awareness) are missing here which were there in the old documentation.

I consider the old documentation to be the baseline which needed to be improved, but the new documentation feels like it has regressed severely. People who are already familiar with yjs, probably don’t feel it so strongly, but for new comers, the new documentation will pose a steep learning curve.

I’d be happy to pitch in if there is a community effort to improve documentation? Does any one else feel the same way?

I’m not entirely convinced it was intentional. Maybe the docusaurus config got messed up. It seems to automatically generate the sidebar from the docs folder structure. https://docs.yjs.dev/ is still clearly included in .jsdoc.json.

yjs.dev is the “entrypoint” website that includes a few examples and explains what Yjs does in general. It hasn’t been changed in … 4 years?

The yjs.dev website contains over 5 years of editing history that is shared via WebRTC. It has some kind of sentimental value to me, but it will soon be replaced. We are currently working on a new website. The most up-to-date documentations will always be available at docs.yjs.dev.

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I think the question is why does https://yjs.dev/ not point to the documentation. Perhaps this is changing with the new site though.

That is correct. I’m on-boarding new hires to the team who are new to yjs. It would help if the documentation link in the sidebar on yjs.dev pointed to the correct documents.