When i use Y.createDocFromSnapshot,then use TiptapTransformer.fromYdoc happen error

This case happened when I used a combination of tiptap and yjs. I wanted to create a multi-version history and then convert the version record into tiptap format. i also have reported this to tiptap : When i use Y.createDocFromSnapshot,then use TiptapTransformer.fromYdoc happen error · ueberdosis/tiptap · Discussion #5047 · GitHub

when i click createVersion, view will add a div,but i click this div, only the first will’not report error,when I create multiple historical div tags, I will get an error whenever I click on one that is not the first one. i find it that tiptap transformer actually use the y-prosemirror’s’yDocToProsemirrorJSON’ fucntion , happen error when converting to delta shema

this is the case code:

    <div>person: <el-avatar v-for="user in users" :key="user.name"> {{ user.name }} </el-avatar>
    <button class="create-btn" @click="createVersion">createVersion</button>
    <button class="version-time" v-for="(version, index) in versionsRef" :key="index" @click="reverseThisVersion(version)">
        {{new Date(version.date).toLocaleString()}}
    <editor-content :editor="editor" />
    <content-item-menu v-if="editor" :editor="editor"></content-item-menu>
    <text-menu v-if="editor" :editor="editor"></text-menu>


const createVersion = () => {
	const versions = ydoc.getArray('versions')
	const snapshot = Y.snapshot(ydoc)
        date: new Date().getTime(),
        // snapshot: Y.encodeSnapshot(snapshot),
        clientID: ydoc.clientID
    versionsRef.value = versions.toArray() as Array<object>
const reverseThisVersion = (version)=>{
    const { snapshot } = version;
    const result = Y.createDocFromSnapshot(ydoc, snapshot);
    console.log('result', result)
    const node = TiptapTransformer.fromYdoc(result);
   // happen error
    console.log('node', node)

error message :

Uncaught TypeError: item.toDelta is not a function
    at serialize (chunk-3S5FCWXE.js?v=80aede96:1148:26)
    at Array.map (<anonymous>)
    at yXmlFragmentToProsemirrorJSON (chunk-3S5FCWXE.js?v=80aede96:1185:20)
    at yDocToProsemirrorJSON (chunk-3S5FCWXE.js?v=80aede96:1140:10)
    at @hocuspocus_transformer.js?t=1712665928636&v=80aede96:2434:21
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at Prosemirror.fromYdoc (@hocuspocus_transformer.js?t=1712665928636&v=80aede96:2433:15)
    at Tiptap.fromYdoc (@hocuspocus_transformer.js?t=1712665928636&v=80aede96:2465:35)
    at Proxy.reverseThisVersion ([fileId].vue:69:36)
    at onClick ([fileId].vue:4:95)

gif img is : https://github.com/ueberdosis/tiptap/assets/29058747/378a75b1-6f63-411c-b55b-e9c577671b36