Will subsequent updates to y-utility guarantee compatibility?

It is mentioned in this repo that the Item object will be used later for optimization to avoid frequent calls to yarray.toArray().

I would like to know if I can use this library for production environment? Will subsequent optimizations introduce some destructive updates?

Hi @Auxxxxlx,

You can definitely use y-utilities in production. Although it’s quite new and untested, I’m fairly confident in the implementation and I plan to fix bugs when they pop up. In the future, I plan to introduce another Y.KeyValue data type to Yjs that will exist alongside Y.Array and Y.Map. The KeyValue type in y-utilities package fills the gap until we get there.

To be explicit: Y.KeyValue (which doesn’t exist yet) will definitely not be compatible with y-utilities’ KeyValue type. However, you can continue to use them alongside each other.