Y.Map records limit

Is there a limit for Y.Map records? I have created 86 records, and then when I create a new one it shows like added, but after refresh it is being lost. I use Hocuspocus provider with sqlite for saving yjs state

I have figured out that when I used indexes like this: “101”, “102”, “103” etc. they are being lost. Adding prefixes like “page.101”, “page.102”, “page.103” etc makes it working. Dunno why ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I think you were using numbers, not strings. They are distinctive. ymap.get(100) !== ymap.get('100')

I use strings as keys and they worked before. This was verified multiple times, so I do ymap.get('100') not ymap.get(100).

In that case, it would be weird if syncing doesn’t work for strings that appear as numbers (e.g. ‘100’). Yjs doesn’t perform any kind of operations on the keys. They are always read as strings.

There are users that create up to several million items in Yjs without problems (except for the extremely large binary size).