Y-presence: Add presence (live cursors/avatars) to your react application using react hooks


I created a small React library to make adding presence (live cursors/live avatars) easy on any multiplayer application using Yjs. The library provides two react hooks useOthers and useSelf to retrieve presence information about the users connected to the room. More information/documentation about the hook is in the project repo.

Project Link: y-presence


Any feedback is highly appreciated. The library is inspired by @steveruizok’s demo of perfect-cursors. I’ll soon add a demo with perfect-cursors at some point if anyone is interested. Also, the library is very much inspired by Liveblocks’s react implementation of their multiplayer API.


This is super cool, thank you @nimeshnayaju!

I especially like how easy it is to add selections to forms. This should make it much easier to add awareness features to react apps :slight_smile:

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