Yjs dance with Milkdown

Hi there, I’m here to introduce the yjs integration for mikdown:

Milkdown is a plugin based WYSIWYG markdown editor framework.

I’m grateful for your awesome work in yjs. This lib is amazing.

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Thanks for sharing <3

I really like this project. I added it to the “Editor Bindings” section on the docs website: https://docs.yjs.dev/

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Would you mind me to add a page for milkdown in your doc just like this one for tiptap?

Sure @Mirone,

Can you send me some Markdown?

Would this be ok?

# Milkdown

Milkdown is a ProseMirror based editor that integrates Yjs as the collaborative editing solution. It's a plugin driven WYSIWYG markdown editor.

{% embed url="https://milkdown.dev/" %}

They have a great getting-started guide for collaborative editing with Yjs & Milkdown:

{% embed url="https://milkdown.dev/collaborative-editing" %}
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Thanks, done!

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