Yjs mentioned fairly frequently in "I was wrong. CRDTs are the Future"

This is on the front page of Hacker News, and several other news sources I frequent:

“The code to make [compact persistence] work in automerge hasn’t merged yet, but Yjs implemented Martin’s ideas. And in doing so, Yjs can store that same 100KB document in 160KB on disk, or 3MB in memory. Much better.”

Speed: Using modern CRDTs (Automerge / RGA or y.js / YATA), applying operations should be possible with just an log(n) lookup.”

“But automerge isn’t the only decent CRDT out there. Y.js works well and kicks the pants off automerge’s current implementation in the Y.js benchmarks. Its missing some features I want, but its generally easier to fix an implementation than invent a new algorithm.”


Played with automerge and a few others and hands down yjs kicks the pants off the other competitors.

Thanks for sharing @canadaduane !

Yeah, Seph is a big fan of Yjs. We want to create a Rust port of Yjs so we can compile it to wasm for further speed improvements (it’s literally the only thing left to make Yjs faster).

Nice, that’s great to hear :slight_smile:

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