YJS + Prosemirror Dragging Breaks User Cursor Position

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When using prosemirror y-js, having one cursor select text then opening a new tab and dragging anything (horizontal mark, image, etc.) above where the other users cursor is bumps their position. It does not happen with quill/slate, only prosemirror.

steps to reproduce:
select text in first tab

open another tab, create horizontal mark
select it and drag it above other users cursor

notice the cursor is no longer highlighting “asdasd”

BTW tried it on latest prosemirror, yjs and y-prosemirror packages. reproducible on every demo page too.




Hi @marclave,

thanks for the issue description. Can you please open a ticket in GitHub - yjs/y-prosemirror: ProseMirror editor binding for Yjs?

Thes discussion board is not well suited for tracking this kind of stuff. I’ll need a few weeks to get to this issue.