Yjs User Partitioned

started to use Yjs and experienced user partitions – basic experience:

  • owner: document exists

  • user1: opens document and edits

  • owner: opens document after user1

  • owner: can’t see user1 changes

  • owner: refreshes - now sees some user1 changes that are minutes old

  • owner: continues to refresh - no new changes

  • user2: opens document

  • user2 and owner: collaborate no problem

  • user1: continues to work, saves changes, closes document connection

  • user1: returns to document, changes are lost

  • owner: can now see newer changes from user1 but can’t see most recent

  • user2 and owner: continue - no problem

  • user1: always loses changes when closing

  • user1 and owner are in same office but probably is not the issue

  • user2 is far away

attached image of many GET errors - what can we do?

thx for ur help!!!

Hi @Vaughn,

you need to fill me in into a few details. I assume you are using y-webrtc (just guessing) and tried to scale the signaling server using some cross-regional scaling product (again, just guessing here). What is going on, and how can I reproduce this?

Thanks for your reply, @dmonad. I need to put my developer of this feature in touch with you.