Yrs new version release timeline

Hello, the latest version of yrs was published 6 month ago. There were quite a lot of changes recently(The specific one that I was looking for is possibility to insert the whole string to the text type https://github.com/yjs/y-crdt/blob/0ea463944dcb69c0bc8cce315c0bc56c3e132227/yrs/src/types/text.rs#L52). Is there a timeline when the next version will be released?

Hi @otereshin-shopify,

We applied to a fund to work on Yrs for three months. If the application goes through, we are going to port Yjs to Rust within the next three months. All the work that happens in-between is done in our free time. I can publish a roadmap once we have funding.

I’m honestly not very good at organizing funding. I have been waiting for an OK from the organization for six months and we have been holding off work ever since.

In any case, we are going to need additional funding to organize people to work on additional features and on bindings to other languages (e.g. Go). I’m in the process to organize a funding organization that allows us to distribute funding openly and fairly to the developers of the Y ecosystem.