Yrs Y.applyUpdate

Hi Guys!

First of all thank’s for the cool projects, I really like what you did.

Secondly, I have some questions regarding the differences between Yrs and Yjs and whether those are somehow documented somewhere?

For example in Yrs what is the equivalent of Y.applyUpdate?

Thank you :slight_smile:

BR Felix

Hi @segreeeen ,

the best place to ask questions about Yrs is in the discourse chat.

Yjs & Yjs are compatible. They can communicate updates with each other and they expose a very similar API (as compatible as possible). The Ywasm port (based on Yrs) exposes an API almost identical to Yjs. There is even a y-websocket compatible backend and client implementation: yrs-warp — WebSocket library in Rust // Lib.rs

The applyUpdate function for Yrs is documented here: TransactionMut in yrs - Rust

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